Chairman's Update March 2017

Spring is finally here and we are now seeing the damage caused by this winters wet and cold spells and it has been especially noticeable in the Herb Garden where our volunteer, Kate, has been valiantly trying to rescue a number of plants. The sad outcome is that we are having to make decisions about which to keep and which to consign to the rubbish heap.

This will result in blank spots in the Garden and as such we are now planning a replacement list and carrying out pruning to increase the amount of light into the area. Could you please bear with us on this as we do not want to replant for a few weeks more, when the weather will be warmer and hopefully a bit drier.

We, as always, are looking for donations and if you can help with a few pounds for new plants it will increase our chances of restoring the Garden to its former self. Contact Kate or Anne in the grounds on a Tuesday if you wish to see and hear more or by cheque made out to the Friends of Cannizaro Park, and addressed to Friends of Cannizaro Park, c/o Robert Holmes Estate agents, Willow House, 35 High Street, London SW19 5BY

Thanks Chris Mountford

cannizaro park planting maples