The Friends of Cannizaro Park is run entirely by volunteers, whether that is the Trustees or the many people who give their time to tidy and maintain lots of areas of the park as well as taking care of the aviary.

We depend upon a dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer team of helpers and we are always ready to welcome new volunteers to this group, whether they are members of the Friends or not. Volunteers can be any age from children upwards and there are a wide variety of ways to contribute, from half an hour now and again and specific events to a regular commitment.

Volunteering News Update - May 2020

Despite being unable to meet as a team in the Park from the end of March until 1 May, a few of the Volunteers have been doing some essential watering over the dry period. We are delighted to be back, carefully observing social distancing while we work and enjoy the fruits of our labours earlier in the year: the rhododendrons in the woodland are stunning, the area around the Pond has not looked so beautiful for a good number of years, the Rose Garden, the peonies behind it and the climbing roses close by are looking spectacular – these are all areas we have been clearing and tending lovingly over the past six months.

Our new Notice Board by the Aviary is in full use with seasonal Tree Trail leaflets – don’t miss this spring’s Champion Tree Trail. We are looking forward to resuming work on the Tennis Court Garden and we continue to maintain the Herb Garden, watering regularly. Recently we’ve planted some geraniums in the planters in the Italian Garden, adding a splash of colour.

Peonies behind Rose Garden
Cutting back
Watering the Rose Garden
Rose Garden morning tasks meeting
Watering the Herb Garden
Geranium trough in Italian Garden
Autumn clearing
Autumn clearing
Rose garden in June 2019
Flowering shrubs
Cannizaro Park Spring Walk
Cannizaro Park Spring Walk
Cannizaro Park Mulching in May
Cannizaro Park Mulching in May
Cannizaro Park Wisteria


The Friends of Cannizaro Volunteers are responsible for the planting and maintenance of the Herb Garden, where you will find a variety of herbs flourishing happily. We also maintain the Iris Beds and the Rose Garden, and undertake specific projects as well as lending a hand whenever possible elsewhere in the Park.

Whilst volunteers bring many skills and knowledge all volunteers are expected to attend a brief training session before starting to ensure that they are confident in handling equipment, have sufficient knowledge of tasks and are briefed on Health and Safety. All volunteers are covered by Public Liability Insurance from Merton Council.

The Volunteers meet regularly on Tuesday mornings at 10.15 am (weather permitting) by the Aviary Noticeboard.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill in the Volunteer Membership on our WebCollect system or email

You can view the Friends of Cannizaro Park Privacy Policy here.


Working with the Board of Trustees

Our work encompasses a whole range of activities, including: publicity activity through the website and social media; events management; managing membership enquiries; creating newsletters; liaising with council officers and the Charity Commission; and fundraising work with sponsors and local organisations.

Helping at an event

We would welcome help to design and organise a small number of events in the Park each year.

Distributing newsletters

If you don’t have much time but would like to help, how about delivering the newsletter to your road four times a year? Kids like helping with this one as well!

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill in the Volunteer Membership on our WebCollect system, or email


We always welcome new members and volunteers to help The Friends of Cannizaro Park.


We are a charity and rely on donations. All donations are very welcome.