Trees of Cannizaro Park

Welcome to the Tree Project

Some of our volunteers are continuing with a project to help visitors find out about the different species of trees as they explore the Park. They have so far identified nearly 200 trees and information about a selection of these, including a tree location map, is available on this website. A significant number of the trees have been designated by The Tree Register as champions for their height and or girth.

Seasonal tree trail maps have also been produced and are available to download (see below).

A start has been made on labelling some of the trees in the Park with their common and scientific name, together with a QR code containing more information about the tree. It can be read using a mobile phone QR code scanner app such as the one downloadable for free from Kaspersky. Please note that if you use the iPhone Camera QR code scanning function it will only show a limited amount of the tree information text.

Further labels will be put in place over the coming weeks and eventually, more than 100 trees will have them.

Autumn Trees Autumn Trees
Norway Maple in Autumn Norway Maple in Autumn
Handkerchief Tree Handkerchief Tree
Chestnut-leaved Oak Chestnut-leaved Oak
Trees in Late Spring Trees in Late Spring
Laburnum Laburnum
Tree-lined Path Tree-lined Path
Maple Leaves Maple Leaves


July 2020: A start has been made on labelling some of the trees in the Park with their common and scientific name, together with a QR code containing more information about the tree. See below for photos.

March 2020 (2): It’s here at last - the solution to the Crosstree Puzzle Feb2020!

March 2020 (1): This spring our Tree Trail highlights some of the Champion Trees found in the Park. You can download your copy of the trail map and notes below.

February 2020 (2): Do you like doing crosswords? Why not try our Crosstree Puzzle, which can be downloaded below. Answers to be published in March!

February 2020 (1): The memorial Pagoda Tree (Stryphnolobium japonicum ‘Violacea’) in the Keir Garden was blown down by storm Ciara and damaged ‘Newton’s Chair’ (see photo below). That’s gravity for you! The tree was showing signs of disease and its root system had probably been weakened.

January 2020: Heavy rainfall during January caused the Pond to flood (see photo below). Good conditions for the Swamp Cypress (Taxodium distichum) at its edge!

December 2019 (3): To complete the four seasons, a Winter Tree Trail is now available in the Park from the new notice board by the Aviary or it can be downloaded below. In addition there is a Google Earh image of the tree trail, availble only as a download (see below).

December 2019 (2): Last month some of our volunteers were trained by an expert from The Tree Register on how to measure, in a consistent way, the height and thickness of notable trees. Trees that are the best examples or largest of their species in the County and, exceptionally, across the whole of the British Isles are recorded by The Tree Register as “County Champions” and “National Champions”. The Tree Register’s work on measuring notable trees plays an important part in recognising and protecting notable trees.

In Cannizaro Park we have one of the best collections of diverse and rare trees in Greater London and more Greater London County Champions than any other place except for Syon Park and Kew Gardens.

The Sassafras in Birch Grove is a National Champion, with the thickest trunk of its species in the British Isles. It has therefore been given a blue label by The Tree Register (see photos below). Birch Grove is in the far left-hand corner of the main lawn as you face the lawn with the hotel behind you.

Some of our volunteers will be measuring more of our notable trees to keep our and The Tree Register’s records up to date.

If you would like to know more about The Tree Register’s work, please visit their website at

If you would like to get involved in the Tree Project please contact us at

October 2019: Now that summer has drawn to a close it’s time for the Twelve Trees Autumn Trail, available as a download below.

June 2019: Hot on the heels of the Late Spring Trail, the Ten Trees Summer Trail is now available from the Park entrance noticeboard or below as a download.

May 2019: A ‘Ten Trees’ trail map & guide has been produced and is available from the noticeboard at the Park entrance or as a download from this website (see below).

Champion Sassafras in Birch Grove Champion Sassafras in Birch Grove
Champion Sassafras Champion Sassafras
Flooded Pond Flooded Pond
Fallen Pagoda Tree Fallen Pagoda Tree
Deodar gets new label Deodar gets new label
Epaulette Tree with new label & Tree Team members Epaulette Tree with new label & Tree Team members


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