The Friends of Cannizaro Park (FoCP) is a registered charity, working for the maintenance and improvement of the Park for the benefit of the community. We’re a small committee of trustees and many dedicated volunteers who give up their time to ensure that the park remains a jewel in Wimbledon’s crown, a haven for wildlife and an attraction for all its many visitors.

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The Trustees of The Friends of Cannizaro Park

The Committee of the Friends is grateful for the long service of many Trustees, and would like in particular to acknowledge the work of several Trustees who have stepped down during 2020.

Stuart Vere, who retired in February 2020, was appreciated for his energy and commitment. Bringing his extensive commercial experience to the team, he was notable for supporting new initiatives, including moves to make membership and financial processes more efficient. His daily dog walks in Cannizaro Park were a frequent source of ideas, and he gave his time generously to support new colleagues, as well as assisting with an early renovation of the Aviary.

Ali Young retired in August 2020, to return to New Zealand. Another Committee stalwart, Ali took responsibility for all matters connected with the Aviary: regular liaison with veterinary support; management of the wonderful volunteers who care for the birds throughout the week; and organising not just one but two refurbishments of the Aviary, throughout her eleven years with the Friends. Ali’s quiet competence and practical thinking will be much missed, as will her IT skills!

Chris Mountford is - thankfully - not leaving us! Having been Chair of the Friends for eleven years, Chris has stepped back to focus on leading our works within the park. From his career in Parks management, Chris has been an invaluable source of advice across the Friends’ activities, whether this is gardening skills for the volunteer gardening group, or knowledge of the history and development of Cannizaro Park. But while anchored and expert in the natural world, Chris has also been an enthusiastic proponent of the new world of technology, leading to the creation of the Friends’ website and activity on social media. In his specialist advisory role in the park, Chris will be helping support our burgeoning volunteer gardener team and also the development of our five-year renovation programme for Cannizaro Park.

As of the July 2020 AGM, the leadership team of the Friends is as follows:

Chair & Trustee (Marketing & External Relations):
Catherine Nelson
Trustee & Treasurer:
Simon Ingall
Trustee & Secretary:
Pit Rink
Trustee (Parks):
Chris Mountford
Trustee (Park Volunteers):
Anne Peacock
Trustee (Membership):
Jeremy Lumbers
Trustee (Events):
Juliet Willis
Trustee (Legal Affairs):
Caroline Newsholme


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The Friends of Cannizaro Park is a registered charity, Number 1160982

The current Constitution was adopted at our 2019 AGM and can be seen here: The Friends of Cannizaro Park Constitution 2019, with supporting Rules.

Remembering founding member of the Friends, Eveline Hastings (1933-2019)

Born in Highgate, North London, Eveline went on to study at the prestigious Wimbledon School of Art. Despite a flair for ceramics, she settled on painting, working as both a professional artist and art tutor throughout her accomplished career.

Evidenced by her work with adults with special needs, and her authoring a book on art for disabled people, Eveline was passionate about helping the community. While living in the Wimbledon area back in 1996, she was the leader of a sub-committee of the local residents’ association regarding park-related matters. Her involvement led to her receiving a grant from that association to set up the Friends, becoming our first ever Chairperson. Thanks to her dedication, the group slowly began to restore the park to its former glory.

Eveline eventually relocated to the Suffolk countryside, but at Cannizaro, her legacy lives on — not only in the work that we do, but in her exquisite paintings of the park itself.

Eveline Hastings, Founder of the Friends of Cannizaro Park


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