Sassafras albidum

Location: Labelled Trees Champion Trees Birch Grove BG02

Broadleaf tree, which reproduces freely by suckers, sometimes appearing quite a distance from the main tree. In younger trees the leaves are three-lobed, but in older trees mostly single-lobed. Its root bark is used to make drinks.

Natural range: USA

First introduced into Europe: 16th century

Park tree information & images

  • GPS location: lat 51.42266758 / long -0.23113758
  • Label type: QR code + TROBI
  • Height: 16.5m (Oct 2019)
  • Girth: 182cm at height of 1.5m (Oct 2019)
  • TROBI status: Girth champion of England & height champion of Greater London (2019)

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