Chairman's Update July 2017

While May and June are undisputedly the most colourful months in our Park, there are some delightful surprises to come upon in July: the Japanese silk trees at the entrance of the Italian Garden by the pond are in flower, the newly planted 'Sweet Lizzie' rosebushes in the Rose Garden are in bud and the Sunken Garden is looking magnificent.

However, our pride and joy is the Herb Garden, tucked away at the corner of the Sunken Garden; the Volunteers have been working here assiduously throughout the year, weeding, pruning and planting to maintain and develop the garden.

On Midsummer's evening we had a soiree in the Herb garden to show our appreciation of all the work that the Volunteers do; we were blessed with lovely weather and the Herb Garden looked idyllic in the evening sun. Do take a look next time you visit, and admire the two newly-planted olive trees beyond the thyme beds.


Thanks Chris Mountford

cannizaro park planting maples